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    Welcome to the Nautilus Bookshop – a collection of great reads to enjoy at sea and ashore. A partnership between Marine Society and Nautilus International, the bookshop stocks recent releases on a range of maritime topics, including ship histories, seafarer memoirs, studies of the Merchant Navy in wartime and even the occasional nautical novel.

    The Book of the Month will feature a special discount during its respective month. All the books here have been reviewed in the Nautilus Telegraph, and new titles are added each month. 

    If you have a recently-published maritime book that you would like the Nautilus Telegraph to consider for review, please email:

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    Tug Stability: A Practical Guide to Safe Operations

    Tug Stability focuses on the practical aspects of stability, tug design and equipment and also on the consequences of unsafe procedures. Their emphasis is on harbour tugs, although several of the topics covered apply equally to seagoing tugs.

    Pilots' Pocket Guide and Checklist - Working safely with harbour tugs, 2nd Edition

    Pilots' Pocket Guide and Checklist - Working safely with harbour tugs. Reducing the risks in port towage, 2nd edition

    Machinery Surveying - An Introduction

    The book contains thirteen case histories based on actual incidents which show what machinery damage investigations might look. It also covers various reporting techniques relating to such incidents.

    Hull Surveying - An Introduction

    The book mainly relates to steel merchant vessels. Several types of material have also been covered which may be found on such vessels, together with GRP which is used in various other types of vessel.

    Lone Star of the Red Ensign

    Nautilus Telegraph's book of the month for January 2022.

    Lion Rampant

    The title is shipped from Australia

    Sietas and its Ships (Part 2)

    In this book Bernard concentrates on cargo ships, but other types also appear to illustrate the variety of ships that were built.

    Samuel Pepys and the Strange Wrecking of the Gloucester

    Author: Nigel Pickford

    A Scottish Blockade Runner in the American Civil War - Joannes Wyllie of the steamer Ad-Vance

    Nautilus Telegraph's book of the month for February 2022.

    Leith-Built Ships: Vol. II, Leith Shipyards 1918-1939

    Published: April 2021

    The Practical Guide to Celestial Navigation

    The Practical Guide to Celestial Navigation: Step-by-step instructions for when you've lost the plot

    P&O Ferries

    In the late 1960s, P&O established ferry services in the North Sea and English Channel. Roll-on/roll-off operations and containerisation were introduced and new ships, facilities and investment was needed to take advantage of developments. What followed was several decades of growth, buyouts and divisions.

    Nautilus Bookshop

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