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Welcome to the Nautilus Bookshop – a collection of great reads to enjoy at sea and ashore. A partnership between Marine Society and Nautilus International, the bookshop stocks recent releases on a range of maritime topics, including ship histories, seafarer memoirs, studies of the Merchant Navy in wartime and even the occasional nautical novel.


The Book of the Month will feature a special discount during its respective month.


All the books here have been reviewed in the Nautilus Telegraph, and new titles are added each month.

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Policing South Wales Docks

by Viv Head. A fascinating read that is full of good anecdotes and historical nuggets that...


by Peter Moore. An inventive biography of one of the most famous ships of all time – an al...

Cargo Liners and Tramps

Readers who worked for a cargo liner or tramp ship before the 1970s – or who had a family ...

Der Kapitän

Hans Rose was one of Germany’s most successful WWI U-boat aces and this biography tactfull...

The Taking of K-129

**Book of the Month for September** The most daring covert operation in history. By Josh D...

All in the Same Boat

The untold story of the British ferry crew who helped win the Falklands War by Warren Fitz...

Bell Rock Lighthouse

An Illustrated history by Michael Strachan

British Motor Fishing Vessels

A little gem of a book, a kind of ‘I spy’ of vessel types, ranging from the Looe Lugger t...

The Struggle for Sea Power: The Royal Navy vs The Word;

**Book of the month for August** Historian Dr Sam Willis describes the inherent challenges...

Handling Cargo: Freighters

American maritime history powerhouse William H. Miller has created a ‘voyage down maritime...

Going Bananas: My Trailing Career Volume 1

Did you know that the European Union is the largest consumer of bananas on the planet? Eve...

Into The Raging Sea

**Nautilus Book of the Month for June** Thirty-Three Mariners, One Megastorm, and the Sink...