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    Welcome to the Nautilus Bookshop – a collection of great reads to enjoy at sea and ashore. A partnership between Marine Society and Nautilus International, the bookshop stocks recent releases on a range of maritime topics, including ship histories, seafarer memoirs, studies of the Merchant Navy in wartime and even the occasional nautical novel.

    The Book of the Month will feature a special discount during its respective month. All the books here have been reviewed in the Nautilus Telegraph, and new titles are added each month.

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    Deep Sleep

    They Went Down with the Titanic but They Lived to Take the Blame

    Ocean Fleets

    All the ships at sea today

    Sailing School: navigating science and skill, 1550 - 1800

    Nautilus Telegraph's Book of the Month for February 2021.

    With Scott Before the Mast

    These are the Journals of Francis Davies Leading Shipwright RN when on board Captain Scott's "Terra Nova" British Antarctic Expedition 1910 - 1913

    Britain and the Ocean Road : Shipwrecks and People, 1297-1825

    Nautilus Telegraph's Book of the Month for January 2021.

    A Knot a Day

    This beautifully produced compendium gives you a knot challenge for every day of the year. With hundreds to choose from, all colour coded by use, you can work through the book from start to finish, gradually building on your knowledge as you go, or alternatively dipping in and out for your daily knotting fix.

    Bound for the East Indies

    The loss of East Indiaman HCS Halsewell in January 1786 touched the very heart of the British nation.

    Sietas and its Ships (Part 1)

    In this book Bernard concentrates on cargo ships, but other types also appear to illustrate the variety of ships that were built.

    The Battle of the Atlantic

    It’s a thorough work with useful charts and graphs, an interesting selection of photos and a good index. In addition to the facts and figures, Ireland provides analysis and insight, notably arguing provocatively that ‘the situation was never as parlous nor the struggle so evenly balanced as was perceived at the time and has consistently been described since’. It’s a stance that may not prove popular in the Merchant Navy community, but the book is worth a read nevertheless, and readers can make up their own minds after giving Ireland’s arguments a hearing.

    Gangway A Life at Sea

    Simon Quail’s Gangway stands out for the quality of its writing as well as its tales of maritime adventure. This well-crafted fourth edition now comes with photographs and technical details of all the ships on which the author sailed, so it’s a good moment to pick up a copy if you haven’t read the memoir before.

    Sons of the Waves: The Common Seaman in the Heroic Age of Sail

    Nautilus Telegraph's Book of the Month for December 2020.

    The Lancastria Tragedy: Sinking and Cover-Up: June 1940

    On 15 June 1940, the British Admiralty launched Operation Ariel – a rescue effort in western France that followed the Dunkirk evacuations. Over the course of 10 days, Allied ships took terrible risks to snatch more than 500,000 civilian refugees and British soldiers from the grasp of advancing German forces.