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Welcome to the Nautilus Bookshop – a collection of great reads to enjoy at sea and ashore. A partnership between Marine Society and Nautilus International, the bookshop stocks recent releases on a range of maritime topics, including ship histories, seafarer memoirs, studies of the Merchant Navy in wartime and even the occasional nautical novel.


All the books here have been reviewed in the Nautilus Telegraph, and new titles are added each month.

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The Titanic Expeditions by Eugene Nesmeyanov

Diving to the Queen of the Deep 1985 - 2010

Otto Kretschmer by Lawrence Paterson

The life of the Third Reich's highest scoring U-boat commander

Carefully to Carry by the UK P&I Club - 2018 Edition

Fully illustrated in colour throughout, this comprehensive manual compiled by the UK P&I C...

The Royal Marines and the War at Sea 1939 - 45

In The Royal Marines and the War at Sea 1939 – 45, military and naval historian Martin Wat...