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    Learn@Sea was developed exclusively for seafarers and is designed to make it as easy as possible to access award-winning content, on any device, anywhere in the world, with or without an internet connection.

    All of the prices are listed here:

    We cater for both individuals and organisations, large or small. Whatever your goals are, Learn@Sea will help get you one step closer for a fraction of the price of being in the classroom.

    Marine Society has built a portfolio of courses to improve the skills of seafarers worldwide.

    Premium courses are just £5.99 a month, with a selection of free additional courses to choose from

    Our additional free courses are:

    • Geography@Sea
    • Media@Sea
    • Project Management@Sea
    • Spreadsheets@Sea
    • Time Management@Sea
    • Modern Slavery@Sea

    *Our Maths and Maths Plus courses have been recognised by Open Awards in the UK as meeting national standards of quality and assessment and provides unit credit towards larger maritime qualifications. For an additional £30, you can purchase a Badge of Excellence certificate.

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    This course teaches you the fundamentals of written English including report writing, formal letters and grammar essentials, the content is maritime-contextualised and uses seafaring language and imagery.


    This course is suitable for whether you are a cadet, a student of maritime studies or a mariner wanting to increase your maritime knowledge to further your career.

    Navigation@Sea Plus

    This course is designed as a more advanced complement to the Marine Society’s Navigation@Sea course and together they aim to take learners to the level required for the Maritime Skills Alliance MSQ Units 11 (Vessel Navigation and Tides) and 41 (Chartwork and Tides).


    This course is suitable for anyone who does not have prior knowledge in this subject and it has been written in accordance with MSQ Unit 95 - Introduction to Navigation.


    The aim of this course is to help learners meet the level of meteorological knowledge required when sitting their UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency oral exam at various levels.

    Maths@Sea Plus

    This course is aimed at seafarers looking to take the next step in developing their maths skills beyond foundation level. This Maths@Sea course can lead to the accredited Level Maritime Mathematics qualification with Open Awards which will cost £50 and included registration and certification.


    This course is aimed at ratings seeking advancement to the first Officer of the Watch (OOW) certification, those about to begin a course at nautical college and nautical students. This Maths@Sea course can lead to the accredited Level Maritime Mathematics qualification with Open Awards which will cost £50 and included registration and certification.


    This course is aimed at seafarers who are currently in or aspiring to be in a leadership role.


    This course will introduce you to different leadership modules and get you thinking about communication and management. This is one of two modules on leadership and management.


    As a highly-regulated industry, there are strict rules in place to prevent pollution and minimise the damage that we do to our oceans. This course takes you through those regulations (MARPOL) and investigates the ways that our industry can minimise its contribution to climate change.

    English@Sea Plus

    English@Sea + is for seafarers who want to improve their English as part of their preparation for international English language exams, such as IELTS or Marlins.


    English at Sea is aimed for nautical students whose first language is not English.