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    Learn@Sea was developed exclusively for seafarers and is designed to make it as easy as possible to access award-winning content, on any device, anywhere in the world, with or without an internet connection.

    We cater for both individuals and organisations, large or small. Whatever your goals are, Learn@Sea will help get you one step closer for a fraction of the price of being in the classroom.

    Marine Society has built a portfolio of courses to improve the skills of seafarers worldwide.

    At £5.99 per month, our premium courses are:

    • English@Sea
    • English@Sea Plus
    • Environment@Sea
    • Leadership@Sea
    • Management@Sea
    • Maths@Sea
    • Maths@Sea Plus
    • Navigation@Sea
    • Navigation@Sea Plus
    • Stability@Sea
    • Writing@Sea


    Our additional free courses are:

    • Geography@Sea
    • Media@Sea
    • Project Management@Sea
    • Spreadsheets@Sea
    • Time Management@Sea
    • Modern Slavery@Sea

    Our Maths and Maths Plus courses have been recognised by Open Awards in the UK as meeting national standards of quality and assessment and provides unit credit towards larger maritime qualifications. For an additional £30, you can purchase a Badge of Excellence certificate.

    Maths@Sea - Foundation-level Maths covering:

    Numbers & Arithmetic,


    Volume & Space.

    Maths@Sea+ - Advanced-level Maths covering:



    Charts & Bearings,



    Writing@Sea - Foundation-level writing to help:

    Spot common spelling & grammar mistakes,

    Express ideas clearly,

    Draft professional reports.

    English@Sea - Learn English as a foreign language to improve communication and understanding among international seafarers.

    English@Sea Plus – Improve your English and bring it to a level for entrance into university or to do an international exam.

    Media@Sea - This is an introduction to the media and social media, for business. It gives you tips on TV interviews, advice on choosing your social media channel and crafting a press release.

    Stability@Sea - This course covers all aspects of the buoyancy and stability of vessels presented in bite-size topics. Content is user-friendly, combining technical diagrams, images and self-test exercises to check understanding

    Spreadsheets@Sea - This guide looks at some of the potential uses for spreadsheets that you might encounter whilst working at sea. At sea, crews use it to store crew lists, including information such as passport numbers and dates of birth, keep track of stock and prices in the café and gift shop and much more.

    Modern Slavery@Sea - You will find the facts and figures in this course, look at different types of slavery, including slavery in the shipping industry, learn how to identify a victim of slavery and what action the maritime sector is taking.

    Time management@Sea - This course outlines a number of ways you can bring order to your most important tasks and goals, thereby gaining time to meet your priorities and winning back those vital hours you need to relax and recharge.

    Project management@Sea - It is an introduction to the techniques and approaches of project management. It gives you an overview as to what a project manager does and what sort of person they should be.

    Geography@Sea - This course is an introduction to maritime geography, designed to help you get a quick grasp of the most significant areas, cities and ports of world shipping.  It focuses on the production and transport of raw materials, showing why freight shipping is concentrated in certain regions and along certain shipping lanes.

    Leadership@Sea - Whether you are in the deck department, the engine department, the electro-technical department or you are a steward, it is important for you to improve your communication skills, and train to lead. This is one of two modules on leadership and management, and its aim is to introduce you to different leadership styles and to get you thinking about communication and management.

    Management@Sea - Whether you are in the deck department, the engine department, the electro-technical department or you are a steward, it is important for you to train to manage people and processes. This is one of two modules on leadership and management, and its aim is to enable you to work effectively with your team. It will cover concepts around coaching before delving deeper into how to develop and manage your team. There are tips on recruitment and inducting new staff.  The final section guides you on how to make decisions.

    All of the prices are listed here: