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IB904E COLREGs 2003 Edition

Latest edition of COLREGS 2003.

I915E STCW Fishing Convention (STCW-F)

The most up to date edition of the STCW-F.

IB946E - Pocket Guide to Cold Water Survival 2012 Edition

An IMO published pocket guide providing information on how to survive cold water.

IA947E - A Pocket Guide to Recovery Techniques

This IMO published pocket guide contains guidance on recovery techniques for people in sur...

IE951E NAVTEX Manual, 2017 Edition

This manual is intended, primarily, for use by maritime Administrations and others concern...

IJ960E IAMSAR Manual: Volume I

*New Edition published July 2019*

IG961E IAMSAR Manual: Volume II

*New edition published July 2019*

II970E GMDSS Manual, 2019 Edition

The GMDSS Manual provides, in a single comprehensive publication, an explanation of the pr...

IC908E International SafetyNET Manual, 2017 Edition

This Manual describes the structure and operation of the International SafetyNET Service. ...