Books on Radar, Electronic Chart Display and Information System & Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems.

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A Simulation Instructor's Handbook

A useful resource for instructors who design and implement simulation training.

ECDIS Procedures Guide

The ECDIS Procedures Guide provides recommendations designed to accompany a ship’s Safety ...

ECDIS; Passage Planning and Watchkeeping 2018 Edition

Fully revised and updated for 2018 to provide practical guidance on passage planning and c...

From Paper Charts to ECDIS

Provides useful guidance on the transition from paper to electronic charts.

GMDSS: A User's Handbook

The 6th edition of GMDSS incorporates all the changes to the regulations that came into fo...

IH970E GMDSS Manual, 2017 Edition

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System manual, 2017 edition

Integrated Bridge Systems Vol 1: Radar and AIS

A useful guide for all users of radar and AIS.

Integrated Bridge Systems Vol 2: ECDIS and Positioning

An important new book from the Nautical Institute covering all aspects of the use of elect...

Numerical Weather Prediction

A practical guide to enable mariners to make the best use of digital weather products and ...

TA127E Operational Use of ECDIS, 2012

Model Course 1.27, 2012 Edition