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    Ships Electrical Systems, 1st Edition

    Ship Electrical Systems deals with all types of electrical installations on ships, from the basic design of the system to power generation, distribution to consumers, automation, remote control, nautical equipment and communication systems. Relevant work in the engine room and the bridge and the influence of the system are discussed.

    Dynamic Positioning for Engineers

    Dynamic Positioning for Engineers enables the reader to acquire the basic knowledge of the concepts and understanding of the dynamic positioning (DP) system from the systems perspective.

    Reeds Vol 02: Applied Mechanics for Marine Engineers, 7th edition

    Covers the principal topics for students undertaking professional studies to become Merchant Navy Marine Engineers, Superyacht Engineers or Engineers working on coastal ships or fishing vessels.

    Regulatory Primer for 2nd & Chief Engineers: Questions and Answers Covering Current and New Regulations, 11th Edition 2021/2022

    This new edition has been revised and expanded to include questions on regulations that came into force in 2021.

    Essential Boat Electrics, 3rd Edition

    The book is a great manual for a yachtsman needing to keep the power flowing. It has been thoroughly modernised and updated for this new edition by boating electric wizard Oliver Ballam.

    MNTB Engine Room Watchkeeping Skills Simulator Course - Part 1 and Part 2

    This document provides the requirements for the Engine Room Watchkeeping Skills Simulator Course Parts 1 and 2. The overall aim is to provide candidates with the essential education and training in Engine Room Watchkeeping simulation, meeting the knowledge, understanding and proficiency requirements in accordance with MCA requirements as per STCW Table III/1.

    Marine Propellers and Propulsion, 4th Edition

    Print on demand, takes 7-10 days to be shipped.

    Fluid Mechanics, 6th Edition

    Print on demand, takes 7-10 days to be shipped.

    Marine Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

    Due to a strong industry need, many academies and technical schools now offer courses on refrigeration and air-conditioning. Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning introduces this complicated subject in a detailed, straightforward manner.

    New Technologies for Emission Control in Marine Diesel Engines

    Print on demand, takes 7-10 days to be shipped.

    Shipboard Electrical Power Systems, 2nd Edition

    The second edition of Shipboard Electrical Power Systems addresses new developments in this rapidly growing field. Focusing on the industry trend toward electric propulsion for cruise, navy, and commercial ships, the book aids new or experienced engineers in mastering the cutting-edge technologies required for power system design, control, protection, and economic use of power.

    Ship Automation for Marine Engineers and ETOs, 2nd Edition

    2nd Edition, July 2021

    Marine Engineering

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