IMarEST Publications

IMarEST is the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology. It is a membership body for marine professionals worldwide which provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices within the industry.


IMarEST publishes resources on marine engineering, science and technology, and we are pleased to be an authorised distributor and can offer the complete range of titles in our shop.

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An Introduction to Ship Automation and Control Systems

This book is addressed to marine engineers, students, and all those who wish to deepen the...

Controllable Pitch Propellers

A book with a wide range of chapters all focused on CP Propellers.

Coral Reefs: A Handbook for Their Future

Coral Reefs provides a clear review of coral reef biology and ecology based on the work of...

Design and Operation of Marine Air Compressors

Great for any engineer students, and any seafarers to able to understand the air compresso...

Design for Safety of Marine and Offshore Systems

The growing technical complexity of large marine and offshore engineering systems, coupled...

Design of Propulsion and Electric Power Generation Systems

The book is primarily intended for students at technical universities on a Bachelors cours...

Engineering Knowledge (Motor) for Marine Engineers Q & A Part 1

Written by a marine engineer for the marine engineer, this book contains a collection of e...

Engineering Knowledge (Motor) For Marine Engineers Q&A Part 2

Engineering Knowledge (Motor) For Marine Engineers Q&A Part 2. In this part the author cov...

Marine Electrical Generation - Steam and Power Turbines

This book describes two types of turbine which are utilised to drive a generator in variou...

MEP Series: Volume 1 Part 3: Marine Medium Speed Diesel Engines

This completely new edition provides up-todate information, including topics such as exhau...

MEP Series: Volume 1 Part 5A: Fire Safety at Sea

Ship’s equipment, installations and fire protection arrangements are more extensive and hi...

MEP Series: Volume 2 Part 11: Corrosion for Marine and Offshore Engineers

The subject of Marine Corrosion covers a wide field and requires a specialised knowledge o...