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    IMarEST Publications

    IMarEST is the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology. It is a membership body for marine professionals worldwide which provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices within the industry.

    IMarEST publishes resources on marine engineering, science and technology, and we are pleased to be an authorised distributor and can offer the complete range of titles in our shop.

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    MEP Series: Volume 2 Part 18: The Operation and Maintenance of Machinery in Motorships, 2020 Ed.

    This revised edition provides general guidance for the operation and maintenance of machinery in motorships.

    MEP Series: Volume 2 Part 11: Corrosion for Marine and Offshore Engineers, Revised Edition

    MEP Series: Volume 2 Part 11. New, revised edition Published: July 2020.

    The Ship Valuer's Handbook

    This book provides a methodical approach to the appraisal of ships within their own Class and within their trade using statistical and historical data as working tools but, most importantly, recognising the intended use of the valuation.

    Programmable Logic Controllers and Applications for Marine Engineers and ETOs

    This handbook provides extensive practical information relating to PLC-based appliances that are part of, or associated with, modern marine automation. Using this book as a step-by-step guide will enable you to develop familiarity with the systems and to practise and refine your troubleshooting knowledge and fault finding skills.

    Ships and Naval Architecture

    Revised 2020 edition of the IMarEST publication describes the key features of ships, the stresses of the marine environment and the science of naval architecture.

    MEP Series: Volume 2 Part 17: Marine Low Speed Diesel Engines

    New revised edition of MEP Series volume 2, part 17. Published: February 2020.

    Design of Propulsion and Electric Power Generation Systems, 2019 revised edition

    Revised edition 2019. The book is primarily intended for students at technical universities on a Bachelors course. The more advanced chapters can be used at Masters Level.

    The Role of The Marine Engineering Superintendent

    Out of print - no longer available

    Ship Maintenance: A Quantitative Approach

    The fifteen Chapters in this book cover the following: Setting Objectives, Initial Problem Discussion, Highlighting Maintenance Costs, The Need for an Optimal Maintenance Policy, A Good Planned Maintenance System, An Integrated Maintenance Control System, Budgetary Control for Maintenance, Computerisation of Planned Maintenance Control System, Operational Research, Operational Research Techniques useful in Maintenance Studies Part 1 and Part 2, Case Study, Data Collection, Producing Solutions, Case Study, Developing Maintenance Strategies

    Ship Electric Energy Systems: Design & Operations Principles

    This book is intended to be a reference guide for those engineers and students engaged in the design and operation of ship electric energy systems especially considering its predominant role in efficiency, emissions and fuel consumption.

    Report Writing For Professional Marine Engineers

    Report Writing for Professional Marine Engineers aims to transmit the methodology for properly formatted reports with technical information presented in an easily readable and understandable manner.