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    Practical Variable Speed Drives and Power Electronics

    Typical practical applications of VSDs in process control and materials handling, such as those for pumping, ventilation, conveyers, compressors and hoists are covered in detail.

    Reeds Vol 06: Basic Electrotechnology, 5th edition

    This new edition has been thoroughly updated in line with guidelines, best practice and the many technological developments that have taken place over the past 5 years since the previous edition published, as well as improvements and updates to the technical diagrams.

    Marine Electrical Equipment and Practice - Second Edition

    Providing descriptions and explanations for ships' electrical equipment and operating principles, this is ideal for candidates for DoT Certification as Marine Engineer Class One or Class Two.

    Ship Electric Energy Systems: Design & Operations Principles

    This book is intended to be a reference guide for those engineers and students engaged in the design and operation of ship electric energy systems especially considering its predominant role in efficiency, emissions and fuel consumption.

    Shipboard Propulsion, Power Electronics, and Ocean Energy

    It fills the need for a comprehensive book that covers modern shipboard propulsion and the power electronics and ocean energy technologies that drive it. With a breadth and depth not found in other books, it examines the power electronics systems for ship propulsion and for extracting ocean energy, which are mirror images of each other.

    Shipboard Electrical Power Systems

    Shipboard Electrical Power Systems, 1st edition addresses new developments in this growing field. Focused on the trend toward electrification to power commercial shipping, naval, and passenger vessels, this book helps new or experienced engineers master cutting-edge methods for power system design, control, protection, and economic use of power.

    Reeds Vol 10: Instrumentation and Control Systems

    £50.00 £40.00
    This is a fully revised, new edition on the topic of instrumentation and control systems and their application to marine engineering for professional trainees studying Merchant Navy Marine Engineering Certificates of Competency (CoC) as well as Electrical/Marine Engineering undergraduate students.

    Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology

    This much-loved textbook explains the principles of electrical circuit theory and technology so that students of electrical and mechanical engineering can master the subject.

    Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology

    A study guide to understand the knowledge required by technicians, covering Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and more.