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    SIGTTO LPG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards - 2nd Edition

    This document is written for organisations involved in training officers, including cargo engineers, for LPG cargo operations. This document is written at a high level and is suitable for individuals that are technically qualified and experienced in the subject of training and LPG operations.

    SIGTTO LNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards, 3rd Edition

    This document is written at a level suitable for organisations involved in training officers for LNG cargo operations. The high-level nature of the content is directed at a reader who is technically qualified and experienced in the subject of training and LNG operations.

    Chemical Tankers: A Pocket Safety Guide, 3rd Edition, 2022

    This book explores best practices on tankers carrying chemical and similar hazardous products, and provides a good introduction to safe tanker practice, terminology and standards. This guide is aimed as basic safety information for seafarers of all ranks and positions.

    LPG Operational Practice

    This publication is designed to give ships’ officers, tanker terminal personnel and terminal management an understanding of the principles involved in the safe loading, transportation and discharging of liquefied petroleum gases and chemical gases. The notes include both theoretical and practical aspects of ship operations, covering in-service, pre-arrival and post-transfer phases.

    Tanker Chartering, 2021

    Tanker markets are driven by a number of economic factors, which along with technical, operational and regulatory aspects pose specific challenges to shipowners. This book is aimed at trainee brokers and all those with an interest in the market, where a qualified and experienced broker can have a major influence on a company’s fortunes.

    SIGTTO Information Papers - Consolidated Edition 2022

    This publication contains all the SIGTTO Information Papers that are in force for 2022, for the guidance of industry members.