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    Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook 3rd edition: The Comprehensive Pocket Guide

    Anyone going to sea needs an understanding of maritime flags, and this handy book is the perfect pocket-sized reference.

    Bird's Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology, 7th Edition

    This much-loved textbook explains the principles of electrical circuit theory and technology so that students of electrical and mechanical engineering can master the subject.

    Bird's Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology, 7th Edition

    A study guide to understand the knowledge required by technicians, covering Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and more.

    Reeds Vol 5: Ship Construction for Marine Engineers, 7th Edition, 2022

    This textbook covers ship construction techniques and methods for all classes of Merchant Navy marine deck and engineering Certificates of Competency (CoC) as well as Undergraduate students studying Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

    Brown's Deck Log Book (No. 131)

    (3 month edition) With an updated layout for 2014.

    On Board Training Record Book for Electro-Technical Officers (ETO Cadets)

    On Board Training Record Book for Electro-Technical Officers (ETO Cadets) - Based on the requirements in the IMO STCW Convention, 1978, as amended

    Orals Prep Series 1 - Statutory Certificates, Documents and Surveys

    Designed for repeated self-testing, this Q&A-based book is an essential guide for students and seafarers preparing for their STCW oral examination.

    The Practical Guide to Celestial Navigation

    The Practical Guide to Celestial Navigation: Step-by-step instructions for when you've lost the plot

    Munro's Mathematics for Deck Officers - PDF

    Scanned PDF, 75mb/185mb in size for two different versions. The text isn't searchable – as it’s just an image.

    Essential Boat Electrics, 3rd Edition

    The book is a great manual for a yachtsman needing to keep the power flowing. It has been thoroughly modernised and updated for this new edition by boating electric wizard Oliver Ballam.

    MNTB Engine Room Watchkeeping Skills Simulator Course - Part 1 and Part 2

    This document provides the requirements for the Engine Room Watchkeeping Skills Simulator Course Parts 1 and 2. The overall aim is to provide candidates with the essential education and training in Engine Room Watchkeeping simulation, meeting the knowledge, understanding and proficiency requirements in accordance with MCA requirements as per STCW Table III/1.

    ICS Bridge Procedures Guide 6th Edition, 2022


    Merchant Navy Cadet Books

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