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    IACS Recommendation on Cyber Resilience

    This publication outlines the technical requirements needed to produce cyber resilient ships. It consolidates IACS’ previous 12 recommendations on cyber resilience.

    ITU List V List of Ship Stations - CD

    ITU List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments (List V), 2021 Edition

    Support Craft at Liquefied Gas Facilities: Principles of Emergency Response and Protection - Offshore

    This SIGTTO publication is about the role of support craft in assisting with safe operations and emergency response for liquefied gas carriers and facilities. It looks at how the service could be improved by a more up to date approach and an improved understanding of hazards, barriers, risk scenarios and response strategies. It provides suggested competency standards to assist with the creation of training programmes for support craft crew.

    Chemical Tanker Operations for the STCW Advanced Training Course

    Chemical Tanker Operations for the STCW Advanced Training Course - A Practical Guide to Chemical Tanker Operations