Marine Surveying

Marine Surveying includes inspections, surveys or examinations of marine vessels to assess, monitor and report on their condition and the products on them, as well as inspections of damage caused to both vessels and cargo.

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The Ship Valuer's Handbook

This book provides a methodical approach to the appraisal of ships within their own Class ...

Ship Superintendency - An Introduction

This book is intended to give those considering entering the marine superintendency discip...

Reeds Marine Surveying 2nd edition

Now on sale for £28.00. - 3rd edition published July 2019.

Marine Boiler Survey Handbook

Endeavours to pass on to the reader a sufficient knowledge to enable him to carry out effi...

Marine Classification Society Surveying

This book provides an insight into the work conducted by Marine Classification Societies, ...

Surveying Marine Damage, 3rd Edition

This 500-page handbook provides helpful and practical advice on all aspects of marine surv...

Marine Warranty Surveying - An Introduction

The book is intended for those considering entering the marine warranty surveying discipli...

Reeds Marine Surveying 3rd edition

Covers breadth and depth of the duties, knowledge, skills and behaviours required of the p...

The Role of The Marine Engineering Superintendent

Out of print - no longer available

Running A Marine Survey Company

Running a Marine Survey Company is essential reading for all marine surveyors who really w...

Report Writing for Marine Surveyors

A comprehensive book which provides a solid framework for marine surveyors to develop thei...