IMO Model Courses

IMO Model Courses each include a course framework (detailing the scope, objective, entry standards, and other information about the course), a course outline (timetable), a detailed teaching syllabus (including the learning objectives and competences that should have been achieved when the course has been completed by students) and guidance notes for the instructor.  Many courses include background information for students, in a compendium.


If the Model Course is available as an E-Book, we sell these as well though they will not be specifically listed on the shop. If you call us on 020 7654 7008 we will be able to process that for you.

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TA113E Elementary First Aid

Model Course 1.13 2000 edition

TA114E Medical First Aid

Model Course 1.14 2000 edition

TA115E Medical Care

Model course 1.15 2000 edition (two volumes)