Business and Management

Learn about managing maritime business and all its aspects. Covers different elements of shipping, including operational, commercial, legal, economic, technical, managerial, logistical and financial considerations. 

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Branch's Elements of Shipping

Now in its ninth edition, Branch’s Elements of Shipping, renamed in memory of Alan Branch,...

Business and Law for the Mariner

This should help mariners in their studies to become masters on the vessels they serve upo...

Commercial Shipping Handbook

The Commercial Shipping Handbook is an invaluable reference tool for anyone involved in in...

Container Logistics : The Role of the Container in the Supply Chain

Understand the role of the container in the supply chain, and the systems and methods need...

Global Contract Logistics

Best Practice Toolkit for Planning, Negotiating and Managing a Contract. Tackles the growi...

Management of Shipping Companies

Perfect for learning about maritime businesses’ organisation and management, including hum...

Maritime Logistics: A Guide to Contemporary Shipping and Port Management

Learn about the latest logistical knowledge, developments and practices within the maritim...

Maritime Supply Chains

Maritime Supply Chains breaks the maritime chain into components, consistently relating th...

Maritime Transport: Shipping Logistics and Operations

Maritime transport is the transport of people or goods by water. It is the backbone of wor...

Reeds 21st Century Ship Management

An important new addition to the prestigious Reeds series which focuses on contemporary sh...

Shipping and Supply Contracts

This comprehensive guide, by an industry expert, examines contracts for the transportation...

Shipping Business Unwrapped: Illusion, Bias and Fallacy in the Shipping Business

This book provides a snapshot of the shipping business with micro-foundations from the per...