Crew Libraries

The Marine Society has a proud heritage of supplying ships with crew libraries – providing a welcome refuge for crew from the pressures of shipboard life. 

In earlier days we provided a lending library, similar to the familiar land-based model.  Now we supply non-returnable paperbacks, but we continue to be committed to ensuring that seafarers have access to quality fiction and popular non-fiction books.  Research has acknowledged the role reading can play in crew welfare, from social engagement to aiding relaxation or language skills – improved emotional well-being is vital for onboard safety.

A library remains a cost-effective way to contribute to crew welfare, and our numerous shipping company clients gain the benefit while also complying with the recommendations of the Maritime Labour Convention.

And look out for more details of our new digital library, which we will be launching in 2018.

To find out more about onboard libraries, please contact us through