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    From Ship to Shore and a Whole Lot More

    Illustrated memoir of the transgender maritime professional Michelle Clarke about her life at sea and ashore.

    Making Waves

    PR strategies to transform your maritime business

    Titanic 'Iceberg Ahead'

    The author is well-known for his depth of research and his attention to detail, and in a new style of format, he has selected fifty people involved in the disaster, and by using their specific eyewitness accounts he has managed to make the confusing situation much clearer, making it possible for the reader to experience the dreadful events as they unfolded. The book also includes biographical tributes to the fifty people, who came from all walks of life and geographical regions, telling who they were, their experiences during the disaster, and what happened to those who were fortunate enough to survive.

    Mysteries and Sea Monsters : Thrilling Tales of the Sea (vol.4)

    Before the scrutiny of scientific Enlightenment and Age of Reason, in the eighteenth century, ghost ships and oceanic monsters were the stuff of superstition, myth and legend to explain the inexplicable, to enthral the imagination - and enliven the unimaginable.

    Castaways - Adrift and Abandoned: Thrilling Tales of the Sea (vol.3)

    Seafaring before the twentieth century bristled with peril. The safe haven of your vessel might be destroyed by tempest or misadventure, your security scuttled. When you were cast away with only the resources of pluck, stamina, hope - and luck.

    Italian Liners of the 1960s : The Costanzi Quartet

    'Functionality is never an excuse for poor design' said the naval architect Nicolo Costanzi, a man whose synthesis of engineering and artistry created practical ships of sublime beauty.