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    A Maritime Review of 2021

    This book is intended to give a snapshot of the events that occurred in the shipping industry during 2021.

    Bustler Class Rescue Tugs: In War & Peace

    A fine tribute to the unsung heroes and vessels during war and peace. Provides full vessel details. Complemented with many evocative photographs.

    Leith Built Ships, Vol. III, Henry Robb Ltd. (1945-1965)

    Continues the highly-praised story of shipbuilding in Leith. Contains a memorable collection of photographs. Features the post-War golden era of shipbuilding and the ensuing industry changes. Written by a proud shipbuilder who is still active in shipbuilding today.

    The Development of Crude Oil Tankers

    In this engaging book, Dr. Solly examines the history of crude oil tankers from early days when this vital commodity was carried aboard ordinary sailing vessels, through the innovative designs that resulted in significant breakthroughs leading to early single-hulled VLCCs, and the later stronger hence safer double-hulled vessel.

    Irish Sea Ports on the River Mersey and River Dee

    Illustrated profusely throughout, this book tells the fascinating history of these hubs of business and activity.