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    Covers all the skills you will need to become a knowledgable seafarer. 



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    Lloyd's Maritime Atlas of World Ports and Shipping Places 2022-2023

    Published since 1951, Lloyd's Maritime Atlas is the oldest and most respected atlas in the shipping industry. A comprehensive reference for locating the world’s busiest ports and shipping places, this new edition has been fully updated and enhanced with brand new maps and features to alleviate the demands on today’s busy shipping professional.

    Pilots' Pocket Guide and Checklist - Working safely with harbour tugs, 2nd Edition

    Pilots' Pocket Guide and Checklist - Working safely with harbour tugs. Reducing the risks in port towage, 2nd edition

    Orals Prep Series 1 - Statutory Certificates, Documents and Surveys

    Designed for repeated self-testing, this Q&A-based book is an essential guide for students and seafarers preparing for their STCW oral examination.

    USCG CFR 33 - Navigation and Navigable Waters - 12th Months Subscription

    US Coast Guard CFR 33 details regulations pertaining to navigation and navigable waters. The title is made of three volumes, written by different agencies, including: the US Coast Guard, the Army Corp of Engineers and the Saint Lawrence Development Corporation.

    USCG MET515+ - Foreign Vessel Rules - 12th Months Subscription

    US Coast Guard CFR 33 and CFR 46 Regulations - Pub. 515 - U.S. Coast Guard 515 Rules & Regulations for Foreign Vessels Operating in US Waters - 12th months subscription.

    The Shiphandler's Guide

    for Masters and Navigating Officers, Pilots and Tug Masters

    Ship Dynamics for Mariners

    A guide to the theory of hull resistance, power requirements, propulsion, steering, control systems, and ship motion in a seaway.

    MarEngine English Underway, 1st Edition

    The book is also suitable for language teachers starting out in M(aritime) E(nglish), particularly in technical maritime training, who are not engineers or mechanics, but who have to deal with difficult nautical-technical terms and concepts.

    Ship Handling, 2nd Edition

    The book analyses all aspects of the manoeuvring features of ships on both open water and narrow waterways, with reference to the recommendations of the STCW Convention, which sets out the required manoeuvring abilities of helmsmen.

    Reeds Marine Distance Tables 17th Edition

    Reeds Marine Distance Tables are the perfect ready-reckoner for captains, navigators and owners of merchant and cruise ships large and small wanting a quick and accurate distance reference between all the regularly used commercial ports around the world. They are also of increasing value to the superyacht fleet.

    Asymmetric Dinghy Book

    This book allows you to learn the secrets of getting the most from your asymmetric dinghy – whether you sail an entry level dinghy or a high-performance skiff, single-handed or with a crew. Following its advice will enable you to enjoy being at one with your boat and the wind.

    Sailing: A Beginner's Guide

    Sailing: A Beginner's Guide: The Simplest Way to Learn to Sail. It can be used on its own or as a compliment to traditional sailing courses run by sailing schools everywhere.


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