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    Understanding A Nautical Chart: A Practical Guide to Safe Navigation, 2nd Edition

    Understanding a Nautical Chart offers superb value as, in addition to a wealth of practical advice, there is a key to all the recently updated chart symbols and abbreviations from Symbols and Abbreviations Used on Admiralty Charts (5011). It includes information on electronic charts, explains how to update a chart and how to establish the accuracy of each chart. It is ideal for professional mariners and leisure sailors.

    ECDIS Procedures Guide 2020

    The 2020 Guide has been updated to reflect the latest software and procedural changes. It represents the 21 most prominent ECDIS manufacturers and offers pull-out guides to support readers through PSC preparation and continuation training.

    The ECDIS Manual - 2019 edition

    This new edition of the ECDIS Manual is an up-to-date guide to the use of electronic chart display and information systems. It sets out the current regulatory resolutions and compliance requirements and then looks in detail at the use of electronic charts and ECDIS software and functions.

    From Paper Charts to ECDIS - 2nd edition

    Provides useful guidance on the transition from paper to electronic charts.

    ECDIS Procedures Guide 2019 - sale 20% off

    €253.43 €316.78
    The ECDIS Procedures Guide provides recommendations designed to accompany a ship’s Safety Management System (SMS) regarding the use of ECDIS for navigation and voyage planning. It also provides guidance on how ECDIS should be configured and used as a ship’s primary means of navigation. The 2019 Guide has been fully updated to reflect the latest software and procedural changes, which have been combined with observations on known ECDIS detentions.

    A Seaman's Guide to Basic Chartwork

    this book provides instructions both in the principals of navigation and in the way to use, with speed and accuracy, all the various techniques involved in putting those principals into practice.