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    Nicholls's Seamanship and Nautical Knowledge, 30th Edition

    Nicholl's Seamanship and Nautical Knowledge has for many years been recognised as a standard textbook on nautical subjects. It is a companion volume to Nicholl's Concise Guide, the popular text book on Navigation.

    The Directory of Flags

    The Directory of Flags: A guide to flags from around the world

    Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge, 4th edition

    This book's objective is to help marine and electrical engineers acquire the knowledge required by STCW for management and operational level endorsements and to become more familiar with various electrical applications that can be found on board ship.

    Nicholls Concise Guide to Navigation Examinations Vol. II

    12th edition 1995, revised January 2006. Both volumes I & II are officially recommended by the Merchant Navy Training Board, and form the most up-to-date survey of the Science of Navigation in print.

    Nicholls Concise Guide to Navigation Vol. I

    10th edition revised and rewritten December 1987; Reprinted 2010. Both volumes I & II are officially recommended by the Merchant Navy Training Board, and form the most up-to-date survey of the Science of Navigation in print.

    Reeds Vol 14: Stealth Warship Technology

    First book to give an insight into a growing area of interest - stealth warship technology - which is crucial for future developments in warship construction. It demonstrates the importance of materials used in warship construction and how this influences all of a naval platform's design parameters.

    Reeds Bridge Procedures: A Guide for Watchkeepers of Large Yachts under Sail and Power

    This is the essential manual for every yacht captain and all those aspiring to become one. It outlines the correct protocol for keeping watch to STCW-95 standards and the procedures to be followed on the bridge of every yacht irrespective of the vessel's flag state or the ensign flying at her stern. It caters specifically to the needs and requirements of large yachts and the professional crews that man them.

    Electro-Technical Officer Competency Record (ETO CR)

    The MNTB has produced the Electro-Technical Officer Competency Record (ETO CR) so that seafarers can demonstrate the sea time competence requirements as part of the MCA Electro-Technical Certificate of Competency.

    NAVBasics (3 Book Set), 2nd Edition

    only available as an eBook

    Reeds Vol 4: Naval Architecture for Marine Engineers

    £55.00 £40.00
    Covering the theoretical and fundamental aspects of naval architecture for students preparing for their MCA Engineer Officer exams. This new edition has been restructed, containing updated text and diagrams in line with modern practice and a new section on the mathematics required for the examinations. The book also includes sample examination questions with worked example answers to aid students in their learning.

    Adlard Coles Book of Knots, 3rd Edition

    Third Edition by Peter Owen. 50 of the most useful knots you could ever need.

    The Seamanship Examiner for STCW Certification Examinations

    Second Edition. With interactive content. For all ranks and serving crew in the mercantile marine, this study pack covers everything students need to revise when preparing for the oral assessment taken as part of the Deck Certificate of Competency at either junior or senior levels.

    Merchant Navy Cadet Books

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