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    RMS Titanic: A 21st century update to set the record

    This fascinating title reminds us that conspiracy theories and media manipulation are nothing new – and, in the case of the Titanic, have helped to fuel popular myths about the circumstances and cases of the disaster.

    Drink Up and Be a Man

    £4.98 £9.95
    Memoirs of a steward and engine-room hand. Special Offer - 50% off

    Very Ordinary Seaman

    Bill Mallalieu was a journalist before going to sea, and his writing experience is put to good use in this pacey, vibrant tale based on his own experiences, full of lively characters and punchy, irreverent dialogue.

    Viola : The Life and Times of a Hull Steam Trawler

    Deep in southern latitudes, in a desolate corner of Cumberland Bay on the east coast of the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, hard by the rotting quays of the abandoned whaling station of Grytviken and almost within a stone’s throw of the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton, lie three forsaken steam ships: rusting remnants of our industrial past, unique survivals from a vanished age of steam at sea.

    Transatlantic Liners 1950-1970

    An illustrated reference book to gladden the hearts of mid-20th century liner geeks. Reviewed by the Nautilus Telegraph.

    Marine Warranty Surveying - An Introduction

    The book is intended for those considering entering the marine warranty surveying discipline of marine surveying. It introduces prospective marine warranty surveyor (MWS) to the wide variety of work available.

    Britannia's Glory

    A Maritime Story: Great Britain’s Seafaring History Told in Verse by Maggie Ballinger

    Memoirs of a Seafarer

    Captain Ian Tew, retired Nautilus member, shipmaster and professional salvor. His story, recounted while stranded in Tahiti, provides a fascinating insight into a life of voyage and discovery, of expert seamanship, salvage and courage.

    Superyacht Captain

    A thrilling account of the superyacht business by writer and sailor, William Gilbert.

    A Seaman's Guide to Basic Chartwork

    this book provides instructions both in the principals of navigation and in the way to use, with speed and accuracy, all the various techniques involved in putting those principals into practice.

    The Burns and Laird Family Interests in the Formation of Coast Lines

    ** December 2018 book of the Month ** By Nick Robins and Malcolm McRonald