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    From Oceans to Embassies : A Personal Memoir by Gillian Angrave

    Youngsters in the market for a little career inspiration should look no further than From Oceans to Embassies for its depiction of a rich and varied life at sea with a seamless transition to shore. Gillian charts the course her life has taken with the help of more than 200 stunning photographs.

    A Wife on the Ocean Wave

    Nautilus Telegraph's Book of the Month for June 2020. A Wife on the Ocean Wave is a memoir of Carole’s early years of marriage travelling the world, taken from diaries and letters written to parents over a five-year period.

    Rails Across the Sea – Sporen Over de Zee

    Nautilus Telegraph's Book of the Month for May 2020. The first full history of the Harwich - Zeebrugge train ferry service, written by an ex-employee with access to previously unpublished material and images.

    They Once Were Shipbuilders: Leith-Built Ships, Volume 1

    Leith-Built Ships is a testimony to the skill of the men who built the ships and to the many men and women who may have sailed or served on them. This history is brought together in vol. I of a three-volume series about the almost-forgotten part that Leith played in our great maritime heritage and is the culmination of the author’s lifetime experience of shipbuilding.

    Coast Lines Limited 1913-1975

    This comprehensive company history will have a niche audience, but promises rich rewards for connoisseurs of British coastal shipping. As the introductory sections explain, Coast Lines Limited 1913-1975 is the last in a series of four books exploring the companies that would eventually form Coast Lines – ‘the largest and most successful coastal shipping company of the 20th century’.

    South Wales Tugs – the Return Voyage

    Andrew Wiltshire’s 2018 volume South Wales Tugs in Colour took the reader on a journey down the Bristol Channel from Newport to Swansea, and now we’re heading back up again with another quirky picture book.

    Anwei's Diamond : A Shard of Glass

    A thriller that ranges from Cameroon to the Congo and South Africa, by way of the sea. This book weaves themes of racism, exploitation and transnational crime into its rags-to-riches yarn about an alchemist-like quest to create the world's biggest diamond from illegally mined materials.

    The Second Officer's Wife and Other Stories

    The author brings to life the experience of seafaring as a cadet and junior officer in the 1960's as well as the realities of the justice system of the present day.

    Cargoes: A Celebration of the Sea

    Cargoes : A Celebration of the Sea Through the Pen and the Paintbrush of John Masefield and Kenneth D Shoesmith. Nautilus Telegraph's Book of the Month for March 2020.

    Ship Superintendency - An Introduction

    This book is intended to give those considering entering the marine superintendency discipline an understanding of the role of the Ship Superintendent. It is intended to introduce them to the wide range of duties and responsibilities. It is also intended for those currently in this role who may be looking for different thinking and methodologies.

    Cookery for Seamen

    The first in a series of exciting discoveries from the National Maritime Museum archive, Cookery for Seamen is a fascinating insight into life on board in the 19th century.

    Marie of Gizo and Other Stories of the Solomons

    Marie of Gizo is a short novella steeped in colonial history that loosely follows in the tradition of James Clavell’s Asian Saga novels. Missionaries, colonial officials, traders, Australians on the run and exotic island women mingle in the jungles and on the beaches of the last unspoiled Pacific paradise while facing the threat of the political and economic change which the outside world wants to force on them.