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    Brown, Son & Ferguson

    Nautical Publishers, Printers and Ship Stationers since 1832. Publishing Brown's Nautical Almanac since 1876. It is published annually, and is commonly known as 'The Sailor's Bible'.

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    Hansen's Ex-Meridian Tables

    “A seaman always knows his latitude” is an ancient proverb which emphasises the importance attached to knowledge of the ship's latitude. Hansen’s Ex-Meridian Tables, first published in 1919, have for over a century proven to be essential for mariners to calculate their position on Earth.

    Brown's Tidal Streams, 19th Edition

    This new expanded edition has been completely revised using the most up to date information available, from the Hydrographic Dept.

    Chief Engineer's Log Book (No. 132) - 3 months

    Brown’s Chief Engineer’s Logbook allows you to keep a daily record of the engine and auxiliary performance including running hours, temperatures and consumption. No. 132.

    Chief Engineers Log Book - Sannox - 6 months

    The Brown Son and Ferguson 'Sannox' log book is designed for use by Chief Engineers. Diesel and Electric Auxiliaries. 9-Cylinders. Numbered pages

    Brown's Nautical Almanac 2023

    It continues to be completely revised every year with ongoing care and attention given to its preparation. Sailors will find a wealth of detailed information, including; Buoyancy, Distance Tables, Marine Safety, Navigation, Stability, Tide Tables for World Ports and Time Zones. This list is by no means exhaustive, and sailors will find a host of useful information throughout the book.

    Brown's Deck Log Book (No. 131)

    (3 month edition) With an updated layout for 2014.

    True Rhumbline Distance (WGS-84) Calculations

    Author: Captain Dr. Ivica Tijardovic

    Pilot Ladder Safety

    6th edition published 2012

    Chief Officer's Log Book - Clutha - 6 months

    The Brown Son and Ferguson 'Clutha' logbook for Chief Officers allows the recording of one day's work per page. This edition is fit for 6 months work.

    Munro's Mathematics for Deck Officers - PDF

    Scanned PDF, 75mb/185mb in size for two different versions. The text isn't searchable – as it’s just an image.

    Radar and AIS for Watchkeeping Officers

    This book starts with a basic description of the workings of modern radars with a level of technological detail sufficient for deck officers of all grades. While the technology is changing rapidly the book, while briefly referring to the history of the development of radar, concentrates on the equipment to be found in a modern bridge suite. This includes the setting up, adjustments and controls of the radar receiver and also the plotting computer (ARPA).

    Radar Log Book

    The book has a large format (approximately 305 x 229mm)