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    The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea A System of Regulation

    This volume explores how the UNCLOS is functioning in various complex settings, how it adapts to new, emerging developments, as well as how it interacts with other regulation, both within the law of the sea regime and outside.

    Local Strength of Ship Structures

    Ship structures can be extremely large, and their structural arrangements are often complex and of a considerable variety.

    Sea-Time: An Ethnographic Adventure

    The Book of the month May 2024. It provides a vivid account that will appeal to academics interested in the study of work, workplace change and time. It is accessibly written and will be enjoyed by readers interested in the contemporary shipping industry, and the life and work of seafarers.

    Maritime Accident and Incident Investigation

    Maritime Accident and Incident Investigation covers a wide range of topics relating to maritime-orientated organisational hazards and risks, as well as root cause analyses and techniques for analysing evidence. Paperback, 1st Edition.

    Shipping Law, 8th Edition

    In this indispensable textbook, Simon Baughen expertly covers the whole spectrum of English shipping law, placing the highly specialised rules of shipping in a commercial context and relating them to the general principles of contract and tort law.

    Marine Insurance Law, 3rd Edition

    Marine Insurance Law, 3rd Edition, introduces and clearly explains all topics covered in undergraduate and postgraduate-level courses, offering students and those new to the area a comprehensive and accessible overview of this important topic in maritime law.

    Introduction to Container Ship Operations and Onboard Safety

    This textbook provides a concise overview of core concepts and practices in the maritime industry that is appropriate for the cadet, experienced seafarer, industry professional, and the general maritime enthusiast.

    Merchant Ship Types

    Merchant Ship Types provides a broad and detailed introduction to the classifications and main categories of merchant vessels for students and cadets. It introduces the concept of ship classification by usage, cargo type, and size, and shows how the various size categories affect which ports and channels the types of vessels are permitted to enter.

    Introduction to Ship Engine Room Systems

    Introduction to Ship Engine Room Systems outlines the key systems, machinery and equipment found in a ship’s engine room. It explores the basics of their function with overall practical guidance for engine room operation and maintenance, recognising emerging environmental challenges.

    Firefighting and Fire Safety Systems on Ships

    This accessible reference introduces firefighting and fire safety systems on ships and is written in line with the IACS Classification Rules for Firefighting Systems.

    Maritime Cargo Operations

    Maritime Cargo Operations presents the core concepts of cargo work for marine engineering students and cadets.

    Maritime Transportation, 2nd Edition

    Safety Management and Risk Analysis