Marine Warranty Surveying - An Introduction

The book is intended for those considering entering the marine warranty surveying discipline of marine surveying. It introduces prospective marine warranty surveyor (MWS) to the wide variety of work available.

Marine operations are still of higher risk to underwriters, who, not having this expertise, need appropriate technical support to assess the risks. This involves the services of an additional independent third party specialist. The MWS is the eyes and ears of the underwriter and claims adjuster. His role is to assess risk by reviewing the technical and operational aspects of a marine project on their behalf, the ultimate aim being the issue of a certificate of approval.

The book deals with the various types of warranty survey and the role of the MWS, including:

•The various types of warranty and legal aspects.
•The London market joint committees.
•Codes of practice and Scope of Work.
•Required outcomes.
•Surveyors’ liability.
•Port risk surveys.
•Lay-up and reactivation surveys.
•Tow approvals.
•Stowage of deck and project cargoes.
•Port and terminal surveys.
•Shipyard risk assessments.
•Warranties in the offshore sector including mooring, anchor spreads, rig lay-ups and wind farm operations.

It is hoped that the book will be a tool for training and a reference source for the new and experienced Marine Warranty Surveyor.

Author: Mike Wall

ISBN 9786164292154

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