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    Merchant Ship Types

    Merchant Ship Types provides a broad and detailed introduction to the classifications and main categories of merchant vessels for students and cadets. It introduces the concept of ship classification by usage, cargo type, and size, and shows how the various size categories affect which ports and channels the types of vessels are permitted to enter.

    Draught Surveys: A Guide to Good Practice, 2nd Edition

    The accurate measurement of dry bulk cargoes by a ship considerably minimises the risk of shortage claims and disputes. This guide outlines the methods and corrections for a draught survey to be carried out to the required accuracy. It is supported by draught measurement calculations and illustrations which show best practice.

    Ship Superintendency: An Introduction, 2nd Edition


    Commercial Ship Surveying: On/Off Hire Condition Surveys and Bunker Surveys

    Presents the first work to comprehensively describe the processes of on-hire, off-hire, and bunker surveys for dry cargo ships. Includes a companion site featuring survey checklists and Excel worksheets for select calculations (such as heavy fuel and diesel oil weight calculations). Contains accompanying illustrations and photographs to clarify key concepts.

    Master's Guide to Shipboard Disciplinary Procedures

    Master's Guide to Shipboard Disciplinary Procedures - Code of Conduct for the Merchant Navy

    Heavy Lift & Project Cargo Operations - An Introduction

    Nautilus Telegraph's book of the month for April 2023.