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    The Ship Valuer's Handbook

    This book provides a methodical approach to the appraisal of ships within their own Class and within their trade using statistical and historical data as working tools but, most importantly, recognising the intended use of the valuation.

    Guidelines to Shipping Companies on Health and Safety

    This publication contains guidelines to shipping companies on key health and safety topics: alcohol misuse, drug abuse, hepatitis, HIV and AIDS, smoking in the workplace, behavioural safety systems and violence, aggression, verbal abuse and threats against staff on passenger ships. The topics have been identified as important for the health, safety and welfare of seafarers and the shipboard working environment.

    Ship Superintendency - An Introduction

    This book is intended to give those considering entering the marine superintendency discipline an understanding of the role of the Ship Superintendent. It is intended to introduce them to the wide range of duties and responsibilities. It is also intended for those currently in this role who may be looking for different thinking and methodologies.

    Reeds Marine Surveying 2nd edition

    £28.00 £35.00
    Now on sale for £28.00. - 3rd edition published July 2019.

    Understanding UK Shipping

    It provides the reader with a detailed introduction to both the UK maritime environment and UK shipping industry.

    Shipping: An Introduction to the Technical, Operational and Commercial Aspects

    The book covers every aspect of shipping, taking the reader through manning, safety, training, navigation and communications; it covers classification and insurance, international conventions and maritime law; it looks at ports, workboats, cranes and dry docks, as well as pilots and agents.