Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ships and in Terminals, (LGHP4) 4th Edition

This fully illustrated 500-page reference book covers every aspect of the safe handling of bulk liquid gases (LNG, LPG and chemical gases) on board ships and at the ship/shore interface at terminals. It is indispensable for personnel training for operational qualifications as well as those already engaged in liquefied gas operations.

Published July 2016

ISBN 9781856097147


The publication has been written primarily for serving ships’ officers and terminal staff who are responsible for cargo handling operations, but also for personnel who are about to be placed in positions of responsibility for these operations.  Its appeal extends also to many others, not directly involved in the operational aspects of the industry, who require a comprehensive and ready reference for technical aspects of their businesses. Liquefied Gas Handling Principles emphasises the importance of understanding the physical properties of gases in relation to the practical operation of gas-handling equipment on ships and at terminals.


In the sixteen years since this publication was last updated, the liquefied gas shipping and terminal industry has undergone considerable change. This revision reflects these changes which include, but are not limited to, vessel design, propulsion systems, size of fleet, floating regasification and reliquefaction, Arctic LNG, containment systems, efficiency increases in vessel operations, vessel capacities, technology, best practice and legislation.


This title incorporates 'Quantity Calculations LPG and Chemical Gases, 2nd Edition' (SIGTTO).


Preface to the Fourth Edition
Prefaces to the Previous Editions
Figures and Tables
Key to Symbols
CHAPTER 1 Overview of the Carriage of Liquefied Gases by Sea
CHAPTER 2 Properties of Liquefied Gases
CHAPTER 3 Liquefied Gas Carrier
CHAPTER 4 The Ship – Cargo Equipment
CHAPTER 5 The Terminal
CHAPTER 6 The Ship/Shore Interface
CHAPTER 7 Cargo Handling Operations
CHAPTER 8 Cargo Measurement and Calculation
CHAPTER 9 Health, Environment and Safety Management

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