LNG Operational Practice, 2nd Edition

This second edition is updated for 2020 to reflect the substantial changes and new designs in the technical and operational aspects of LNG shipping and the transportation of LNG by sea, since this book was first published in 2006. It is prepared as a practical handbook for the operation of LNG carriers.

Published January 2020

ISBN 9781856098717


This book is written for LNG Officers who require a better understanding of the processes involved in operating a modern LNG carrier. The book is laid out with clear diagrams, checklists, guidance and instructions for each of the operations undertaken at each stage of a typical trading cycle for an LNG carrier including: Post dry-dock, Drying of cargo tanks, inerting of cargo tanks, gassing-up the cargo tanks, initial cooldown of cargo tanks, cargo loading, laden voyage, cargo discharge, ballast voyage, ship to ship transfer and preparations for dry-dock including warming-up of cargo tanks, inerting of cargo tanks and aeration of cargo tanks.



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