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    SIGTTO Information Papers - Consolidated Edition 2022

    This publication contains all the SIGTTO Information Papers that are in force for 2022, for the guidance of industry members.

    Lifting and Lifting Appliances Aboard Ship

    Lifting appliances on board ship, particularly ship’s cranes, are critical to a vessel earning freight. A ship is only earning money, ie, freight, when carrying cargo at sea. If the deck cranes are out of action in port the vessel will have downtime which in turn reduces the vessel’s earning capacity. For this reason, and the safety of the crew, ship’s cranes should be well maintained, usually whilst at sea, to reduce the possibility of port downtime.

    Cargo Ventilation: A Guide to Good Practice, 2nd Edition

    This publication is a guide to cargo ventilation best practice.

    IC292E Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS) Code, 2021 Edition

    The Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing, (CSS Code), 2021 Edition

    KC292E e-reader: Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS) Code, 2021 Edition

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    Supercargo Operations: An Introduction

    If you’re looking for a broad overview of supercargo operations, this will certainly cover off the essentials. It’s of particular relevance to readers looking to direct their career towards a consultancy or supervisory role in this field, giving a good understanding of the industry and the position of a ‘supercargo’ in particular. While some form of shipping-related experience is expected, author Mike Wall does a commendable job of making the subject accessible to complete novices too. No easy task.