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    The Mariner's Handbook - NP100 - 13th Edition

    13th edition published December 2023.

    ShipCraft 30: Bounty : HM Armed Vessel, 1787

    The 'ShipCraft' series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warships.

    Chilling Encounter

    Refrigerated liner Albany Contessa on voyage - a part cargo of gold ingots, hidden within machinery cases, aboard.

    Introduction to Container Ship Operations and Onboard Safety

    This textbook provides a concise overview of core concepts and practices in the maritime industry that is appropriate for the cadet, experienced seafarer, industry professional, and the general maritime enthusiast.

    Maritime Cargo Operations

    Maritime Cargo Operations presents the core concepts of cargo work for marine engineering students and cadets.

    Ship Vetting and its Application to LNG, 3rd Edition

    This publication describes the vetting of LNG carriers, incorporating the use of the SIRE 2.0 programme as a risk assessment tool. It provides an overview of LNG shipping business with recommendations on the technical aspects of LNG ships relevant to the vetting and clearance process.