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    0 Recommended Reading for OOW
    Practical Navigation for OOW
    Reeds Maritime Meteorology
    Ship Stabililty for Mates and Masters
    MacNeil's Seamanship Examiner COLREGS Pocket Book
    MacNeil's Seamanship Examiner OOW Pocket Book
    Seamanship Techniques
    Seamanship Notes, 2nd Edition
    Reeds Vol 13: Shi...
    2 Ten Must Have Books for Deck Officers

    Updated 7 March 2022

    Merchant Navy Deck Officers take care of the day-to-day running of a ship; they are responsible for safe navigation, loading and discharging of cargo and passengers, communications and crew. If you’re thinking of going to sea or already working towards your qualifications, t...

    0 Ten Must Have Books for Engineering Officers
    Merchant Navy Engineering Officers keep ships moving literally and figuratively. Everything from the propulsion system to the sewage system is looked after by the skilled professionals who use their deep understanding of technology to keep ships sailing safely and efficiently. The following books are a selection of some of the best material for cadets and qualified engineers alike and are all available in the Marine Society Shop.
    Marine Society and the History of Crew Libraries Service
    2 Marine Society and the History of Crew Libraries Service
    Story of the ships' library service from the first dispatch of hardback books to the SS Aeneas in 1920 to today's multilingual digital library app.
    0 The Maritime Book That Made Me
    Jack Veitch shares his experience as a fuel barge skipper and which book had the biggest impact on his studies.