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    Italian Liners of the 1960s : The Costanzi Quartet

    'Functionality is never an excuse for poor design' said the naval architect Nicolo Costanzi, a man whose synthesis of engineering and artistry created practical ships of sublime beauty.

    The Mayflower in Britain

    How an icon was made in London

    A Flight of Figureheads : From British Warships at The Box, Plymouth

    The perfect accompaniment to the collection of fourteen warship figureheads displayed in the atrium of The Box at Plymouth, this book introduces each of the figureheads, giving details of its design, the ship for which it was carved and the actions it witnessed when serving in the Royal Navy.

    No Earthly Pole

    The title is now available with a special 10% discount. It was featured in Nautilus Telegraph July 2020 as the book of the month.

    Calmac Ships in the 1970s – the Clyde and West Coast

    David Christie has been a fan of Caledonian MacBrayne’s characterful ferries since he was a child, and in this nostalgic book, he takes us back to the 1970s by sharing his own photos taken on family holidays and days out in Scotland.

    River Thames Shipping Since 2000: Cargo Shipping

    This book takes a look at the varying commercial shipping that has worked on the Thames since 2000. Nautilus Telegraph's Book of the Month for April 2020.

    River Thames Shipping Since 2000: Passenger Ships, Ferries, Heritage Shipping and More

    This book features passenger craft such as cruise ships, ferries and heritage shipping that have worked on the Thames since 2000, and is a companion volume to the author's book on cargo shipping. Nautilus Telegraph's Book of the Month for April 2020.

    Kinnaird Head Lighthouse: An Illustrated History

    The only lighthouse in the world to be built into a castle.

    Tall Ships Handbook

    £9.00 £17.99
    Special Offer - 50% off

    Steamers and Ferries of the Northern Isles

    £7.50 £14.99
    Special Offer - 50% off


    Launched in 1906, the Royal Navy battleship HMS Dreadnought served as such a step change in warship design, construction and operation that the name passed into common usage to define an entire class of similar vessels rapidly built by other maritime nations as the First World War loomed.