The Battle of the Atlantic

It’s a thorough work with useful charts and graphs, an interesting selection of photos and a good index. In addition to the facts and figures, Ireland provides analysis and insight, notably arguing provocatively that ‘the situation was never as parlous nor the struggle so evenly balanced as was perceived at the time and has consistently been described since’. It’s a stance that may not prove popular in the Merchant Navy community, but the book is worth a read nevertheless, and readers can make up their own minds after giving Ireland’s arguments a hearing.

Author Bernard Ireland

ISBN 9781526785893

Published: May 2020

The authoritative naval historian Bernard Ireland takes a fresh and fascinating look at the long and bitter struggle waged by the Allies against the Nazi U-boat threat. After sifting through the evidence, old and new, he questions the popular theory that it was a 'damn close-run thing'. He cites the massive resources that the United States brought to bear both at sea and in their shipyards, together with advances in technology and the breaking of German codes by Enigma. Far from 'revisionist' history, this is a closely argued work that demands reading.

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