Memoirs of a Seafarer

Captain Ian Tew, retired Nautilus member, shipmaster and professional salvor.

‘My living was made on the sea, my greatest pleasures have been sailing on the sea, my inspiration has come from the sea, the very reason to live has been the sea...’

By the age of seven, Ian Tew had learnt to sail and by his eighth birthday he became the owner of “Titwillow”, a yellow sailing dinghy.

It marked the beginning of what was to be a life at sea.

After attending the Pangbourne Nautical College, which was an ominous experience, Ian left his seafaring family to join British India Steam Navigation as a cadet.

He was assigned to a ship on the East African run and then, in 1962, he flew to Bombay on his first flight as an officer in training to join the infamous deck passenger ship the ‘Dara’.

The tragedy that followed was the biggest peacetime disaster to strike a British ship since the Titanic.


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