The Admiralty Manual of Navigation Vol 1: Principles of Navigation

The 2019 edition of the Principles of Navigation

Author: The Royal Navy

Publisher: Nautical Institute

ISBN: 978 19069 15643


This new edition of a well-known textbook dating back 100 years is the result of a major overhaul to bring it fully into the digital age. In the work, electronic systems are now assumed to be the default means of navigation for commercial and military vessels, and paper charts are secondary.


A comprehensive reference lays the foundation for safe and effective navigation at sea, including ocean and coastal passages, pilotage and anchoring. The fundamental principles of navigation developed over centuries of experience in the Royal navy have been applied to the ECDIS era so that this new edition is 'digital by default'. The manual also contains essential guidance on techniques for navigating with traditional paper charts and for the operation of ships when GPS is not available.



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