Reeds Knot Handbook 2019

A pocket guide to knots, hitches and bends - new edition 2019

All boaters need to have a repertoire of reliable knots and splices
they can call upon in many situations, both on board and at the
dockside. This handy pocket guide, part of the bestselling Reeds Skipper's Handbook
series, is a quick aide memoire for experienced sailors, but also
provides novice sailors with all they need to know to master the most
useful knots and splices they will need on a regular basis when going
to sea.

Each knot gets a double page spread with a clear photograph showing
what the finished knot should look like, and step-by-step diagrams
accompanied by straightforward instructions about how to tie it.
Helpful text also describes each knot's use, when and why to use it,
how strong it is, how quickly it can be tied (and untied), and what
type and thickness of rope can be used to tie it with.

This is the perfect pocket companion.

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