Shipping Business

The business of shipping can seem complex to the outsider, with hundreds of roles fitting like pieces of a jigsaw. This comprehensive work sets out the interconnecting landscape of sectors, roles, business entities and regulatory frameworks, ships and the geography of trade, ethics and chartering practice, finance and insurance. Essential reading for a career in the shipping industry.
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Published: 2015

Publisher: Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

ISBN: 9781908833655


Shipping business is the business of shipping with all its complexity. There are hundreds of roles in the industry and they all fit into the whole like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

This book describes the business entity and communications in the shipping business. The disciplines of dry cargo chartering, tanker chartering, sale and purchase, ship management, port agency and liner trades are examined. Seaborne trade is analysed as well as the ship types that are utilised in the various trades. International trade practice and finance in international trade are discussed. Moreover, an overview of the main shipping organisations is provided.

For anyone intending to follow a specific career path within the shipping sector, this book is essential reading. Shipping Business will not only help them make an informed choice but, more broadly, will greatly add to their knowledge and understanding of the industry.

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