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    Economics of Maritime Business

    It uses historical and theoretical analysis as the framework for a practical explanation of how shipping works today

    Shipping Business

    The business of shipping can seem complex to the outsider, with hundreds of roles fitting like pieces of a jigsaw. This comprehensive work sets out the interconnecting landscape of sectors, roles, business entities and regulatory frameworks, ships and the geography of trade, ethics and chartering practice, finance and insurance. Essential reading for a career in the shipping industry.

    Ship Sale and Purchase

    Over the years ship sale and purchase brokers have pioneered their own market, developing unique ways of working, specialist terminology and documentation. This book describes how ship sale and purchase brokers represent the interests of both buyer and seller and how they should handle negotiations.

    Shipping Finance

    Finance is at the heart of global industries and shipping is no exception. This book takes the guesswork out of financial planning, delivering professionally reviewed guidance on markets, cycles, sources, options and security, from both sides of the financing fence.

    HSBA Handbook on Ship Finance

    Focuses on the latest developments in the field and experiences and views from state-of-the-art projects, solutions and structures

    Maritime Economics: Management and Marketing

    Originally published in 1998, the third edition of Maritime Economics provides a valuable introduction to the organisation and workings of the global shipping industry. The author outlines the economic theory as well as many of the operational practicalities involved.