Sealink British Ferries

With a wealth of previously unpublished images, Ian Collard tells the fascinating story of this unique shipping company.

Sealink’s antecedents go back to the packet boats of the days before steam. The invention of the steam engine greatly assisted the development of the railways and led to the growth of the packet boats. The private railway companies recognised the need for an integrated transport system which included operating services across the sea routes.

The Big Four railway companies were nationalised in 1948 and their shipping services came under the control of the British Transport ommission. In 1968 a Shipping and International Services Division of the British Railways Board was formed. This separate division operated under the brand name of Sealink. In 1979 the assets of the Shipping and International Services Division were transferred to Sealink UK Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary company.


Author: Ian Collard


 ISBN 9781445693040