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    The Science of Navigation: From Dead Reckoning to GPS

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    Witherbys Flag State Regulations

    Witherbys Flag State Regulations is delivered on Witherby Connect so you can easily access maritime publications and digital regulations together. Witherby Connect provides flexible access by allowing publications to be viewed offline and includes powerful search functionality and annotation capabilities. Crucially, it provides fully updated content making compliance with rapidly changing safety and pollution regulations simple.

    Port and Terminal Regulations, 2nd Edition

    The use of ports and terminals, whether by shipowners or cargo owners, has legal and financial implications, and misunderstandings of regulations and contractual obligations can prove expensive. This book highlights the risks and how to mitigate them.

    Shiphandling Logbook

    This addition to the Institute’s suite of logbooks allows mariners to record and reflect on the shiphandling manoeuvres they carry out, either on board ship or on simulators.

    Reeds Knot Handbook 2019

    A pocket guide to knots, hitches and bends - new edition 2019

    The Ice Navigation and Seamanship Handbook

    This 360-page publication provides a detailed explanation of every aspect of seamanship and navigation in ice. It will allow seafarers to acquire the necessary knowledge and understanding of this challenging environment which, when combined with practical experience, will enable safe navigation in ice.