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    Ship Hydrostatics and Stability, 2nd Edition 2013

    Print on demand, takes 7-10 days to be shipped.

    Basic Ship Theory, Combined Volume 5th Edition

    Print on demand, takes 7-10 days to be shipped.

    Ships and Naval Architecture

    Revised 2020 edition of the IMarEST publication describes the key features of ships, the stresses of the marine environment and the science of naval architecture.

    Practical Ship Hydrodynamics, 2nd edition 2012

    Combines otherwise disparate information on the factors affecting ship hydrodynamics into one practical, go-to resource for successful design, development and construction.

    Reeds Vol 04: Naval Architecture for Marine Engineers

    Covering the theoretical and fundamental aspects of naval architecture for students preparing for their MCA Engineer Officer exams. This new edition has been restructed, containing updated text and diagrams in line with modern practice and a new section on the mathematics required for the examinations. The book also includes sample examination questions with worked example answers to aid students in their learning.

    Merchant Ship Naval Architecture

    This 12-chapter book sets out to provide useful information covering many areas including ship types, describing the majority of vessels, large and small, several types are illustrated by diagrams with salient features clearly marked.