Gangway A Life at Sea

Simon Quail’s Gangway stands out for the quality of its writing as well as its tales of maritime adventure. This well-crafted fourth edition now comes with photographs and technical details of all the ships on which the author sailed, so it’s a good moment to pick up a copy if you haven’t read the memoir before.

Author Simon Quail

ISBN 9780244751692

Published: January 2020

It is the story of the British Merchant Navy from its height in 1966 to its drastic slim-down by 1988, as experienced by the author in eleven shipping companies. GANGWAY reveals the stresses - and rewards - experienced by a young deck officer aboard a wide variety of cargo vessels. GANGWAY is an engaging mix of personal account and technical data. The author describes the social and working life aboard ships crewed by fifty men who enjoyed regular opportunities to explore life ashore during weeks in port. 'The Last Grain Race' described life at sea in the age of sail. 'Gangway - a Life at Sea' is a maritime memoir which describes the challenges faced by cadet, navigator and chief officer in the last age of the general cargo motor ship, before the age of the super ship.

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