Dry Docking and Shipboard Maintenance A Guide for Industry, 2nd Edition

This book covers every aspect of the dry docking of sea going vessels. It provides a guide to industry for the different dock types and docking procedures inclusive of material management, steelwork operations and dry dock legislation. Many thousands of people worldwide are engaged within the perimeter of the docking and shipboard maintenance industries to ensure that our ships remain in Class and are kept seaworthy.

Author: House, D J

Published August 2015

ISBN: 9781138909243

Docking a vessel successfully involves many skills and trades, requiring a teamwork operation between ships crews and the shoreside docking personnel. This book describes dock types alongside the various methods of docking, stability concerns, repair activities, steelwork management, legislation and survey detail, as well as shipyard safety requirements.

  • Includes a new chapter on steelwork and material management of the shipyard complex.
  • Contains over a hundred photographs and illustrations, including a full colour plate section.
  • Full coverage of dry dock operations, handling facilities, main ship building slips and shipyard repair activities.


Table of Contents

Introduction Conversion tables Abbreviation list Docking terminology Brief anthology of the history of shipbuilding 1. Dry dock types 2. Docking procedures 3. Docking stability 4. Dry dock operations 5. Dry dock safety procedures 6. Steelwork and material management of the shipyard 7. Dry dock legislation and survey detail Question & Answer section Bibliography Index


Publication date: 26 August 2015

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