Hatch Cover Maintenance and Operation: A Guide to Good Practice - 2nd Edition

This unique illustrated guide explains the fundamental importance of weather tight hatch covers to the safe and profitable operation of cargo ships. Poorly maintained or secured hatch covers can result in total losses in heavy seas and are one of the principal sources of cargo damage claims.

Author: The North of England P&I Association Ltd
ISBN: 9780954653729


The guide describes the various types of hatch cover in use today and explains how they should be inspected, maintained and operated to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. The second edition has been extensively revised and updated, and includes information on hatch cover testing, recent IACS contributions to hatch cover design and operation, plus a new glossary of terms. The guide is intended for ship’s officers, ship operator’s technical staff, surveyors, lawyers and claims handlers.


Publication date: 01 Aug 2019
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