The Struggle for Sea Power: The Royal Navy vs The Word;

**Book of the month for August** Historian Dr Sam Willis describes the inherent challenges of conflict at sea in the 1700s, the evolution of tactics, and much more in this well researched book.

It’s often forgotten that the American war of independence was very much fought on the oceans – and on a remarkable scale that involved 22 different navies, spanned a decade and ended with the last shot being fired in the Bay of Bengal in 1783.


The book reflects on the long-lasting impact of the war, the way it re-shaped global sea trade patterns and the maritime profi le of many major powers such as France, Spain and the Netherlands, and – somewhat ironically – resulted in a much stronger British Royal Navy.


The Struggle for Sea Power: The Royal Navy vs the World; 1775-1782

ISBN 13: 9781848878471



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