Ship Registration: Law and Practice

Part of Lloyd’s Shipping Law Library, this third edition is the most authoritative guide to the theory and practice of ship registration in the most popular jurisdictions.

Author: Edward Watt, Richard Coles

ISBN 9781138244917

Published September 2018


It contains the reference material needed to submit a vessel for registration at the leading ship registries world-wide, as well as extracts from key international conventions in this area, a new statistical analysis of the world merchant fleet and Port State control rankings.


Chapter 1 The Legal Concept of Ship Registration

Chapter 2 Duties of the Flag State

Chapter 3 The Legal Requirements of Ship Registration

Chapter 4 International Registers

Chapter 5 Bareboat Charter Registration

Chapter 6 Factors Influencing Cchoice of Flag

Chapter 7 Bahamas

Chapter 8 Barbados

Chapter 9 Bermuda

Chapter 10 British Virgin Islands

Chapter 11 Cayman Islands

Chapter 12 Cyprus

Chapter 13 Gibraltar

Chapter 14 Hong Kong

Chapter 15 Isle of Man

Chapter 16 Jamaica

Chapter 17 Liberia

Chapter 18 Malta

Chapter 19 Marshall Islands

Chapter 20 Norway

Chapter 21 Panama

Chapter 22 Singapore

Chapter 23 St Vincent and the Grenadines

Chapter 24 United Kingdom

Chapter 25 Vanuatu

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