Mechanical Engineering Principles, 4th Edition

A student-friendly introduction to core engineering topics.

Author John Bird, Carl Ross

Published September 2019

ISBN 9780367253240


This book introduces mechanical principles and technology through examples and applications, enabling students to develop a sound understanding of both engineering principles and their use in practice. These theoretical concepts are supported by 400 fully worked problems, 700 further problems with answers, and 300 multiple-choice questions, all of which add up to give the reader a firm grounding on each topic.

Two new chapters are included, covering the basic principles of matrix algebra and the matrix displacement method. The latter will also include guidance on software that can be used via SmartPhones, tablets or laptops. The new edition is up to date with the latest BTEC National specifications and can also be used on undergraduate courses in mechanical, civil, structural, aeronautical and marine engineering, and naval architecture.

A companion website contains the fully worked solutions to the problems and revision tests, practical demonstration videos, as well as a glossary and information on the famous engineers mentioned in the text.


Table of Contents


Part One: Revision of Mathematics. 

1. Revisionary mathematics. 

Revision Test 1 Revisionary mathematics. 

2. Further revisionary mathematics. 

Revision Test 2 Further revisionary mathematics. 

Part Two: Statics and Strength of Materials. 

3. The effects of forces on materials.

4. Tensile testing. 

5. Forces acting at a point.

6. Simply supported beams.

Revision Test 3 Forces, tensile testing and beams.

7. Forces in structures.

8. Bending moment and shear force diagrams.

9. First and second moments of area.

Revision Test 4 Forces in structures, bending moment and shear force diagrams, and second moments of area.

10. Bending of beams.

11. Torque.

12. Twisting of shafts.

Revision Test 5 Bending of beams, torque and twisting of shafts.

13. An introduction to matrix algebra.

14. The matrix displacement method.

Part Three: Dynamics.

15. Linear and angular motion.

16. Linear momentum and impulse.

17. Force, mass and acceleration.

18. Work, energy and power.

Revision Test 6 Linear and angular motion, momentum and impulse, force, mass and acceleration, work, energy and power.

19. Friction.

20. Motion in a circle.

21. Simple harmonic motion.

22. Simple machines.

Revision Test 7 Friction, motion in a circle, simple harmonic motion and simple machines.

Part Four: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics.

22. Heat energy and transfer.

24. Thermal expansion.

Revision Test 8 Heat energy and transfer, and thermal expansion.

25. Hydrostatics.

26. Fluid flow.

27. Ideal gas laws.

28. The measurement of temperature.

Revision Test 9 Hydrostatics, fluid flow, gas laws and temperature measurement.

A list of formulae for mechanical engineering principles.

Metric to Imperial conversions and vice versa.

Greek alphabet.

Glossary of terms.

Answers to multiple-choice questions.



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