Archie's Lights

Remarkable account of one Scottish light keeper's 66 years of service for the Northern Lighthouse Board shines a light not just on light keepers but on their good service to shipping.

An intimate and personal insight into the life of a lightkeeper including special wartime duties such as shooting mines and being vigilant for German submarines and spies. 


Like so many other lighthouse families, Archie’s family and mine have a rich lighthouse tradition going back generations. ... Archie MacEachern’s illustrious career with the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) begins as a boy seaman in 1926. ...this book is so important. Its stories are a remarkable and significant addition to lighthouse service history and importantly, to the social history of Scotland and the Isle of Man. ... I am sure that all those who have an interest in lighthouses, their history and the lives of keepers will enjoy Archie’s Lights as much as I have.


Author: Archie MacEachern

ISBN 9781849953993

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