A Marine Artist’s Portfolio: The Nautical Paintings of Susanne Fournais

A contemporary artist producing paintings that show modern ships and this nicely produced book puts the work firmly into context, displaying them to best effect.

Author: Susanne Fournaise Grube
ISBN:978 14738 96338
Publisher: Pen & Sword



Susanne Fournaise Grube, has been painting marine scenes for over thirty years, during which time, she has produced a large portfolio of material, not only depicting ships and small craft, but also the architecture of marine buildings and light houses.

This volume, for the first time , presents a good selection of her work, looking at most aspects of the artists subject matter.
The book covers subjects painted for clients, both corporate and private, also including some material painted just for pleasure.

Overall the work is a good selection of material produced over many years, that is for the first time in the public domain.