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    KTB122E e-reader: Bridge Resource Management

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    Jackup Moving - 2nd Edition - Oilfield Seamanship Series, Volume 2

    This volume of the Oilfield Seamanship Series illustrates how jackup rigs are safely moved from one location to another in an offshore environment. The purpose of the book is to support tow Masters, personnel responsible for moving jackup rigs, tug and anchoring handling vessel crews, and those ashore involved in planning rig move operations.

    Ship Manoeuvring

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    The Shiphandler's Guide for Masters and Navigating Officers, Pilots and Tug Masters


    Ship Dynamics for Mariners


    Rescue Towing - 2nd Edition - Oilfield Seamanship Series

    This book has been written to provide the Master of an offshore support vessel with essential knowledge and techniques that can be applied when connecting the tug to a vessel in peril or for salvage towing services.