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    Shipboard Electrical Power Systems, 2nd Edition

    The second edition of Shipboard Electrical Power Systems addresses new developments in this rapidly growing field. Focusing on the industry trend toward electric propulsion for cruise, navy, and commercial ships, the book aids new or experienced engineers in mastering the cutting-edge technologies required for power system design, control, protection, and economic use of power.

    Practical Variable Speed Drives and Power Electronics

    Print on demand, takes 7-10 days to be shipped.

    Safe Operation of Marine Power Plants


    Marine Electrical Generation - Steam and Power Turbines

    This book describes two types of turbine which are utilised to drive a generator in various recovery systems – firstly the well-established combination of a steam turbine which runs on steam produced by a recovery boiler which extracts heat from the engine exhaust gases; the other type is termed a ‘power turbine’ and is operated by main-engine exhaust gas which is surplus to that required for the turbo-chargers.

    Shipboard Propulsion, Power Electronics, and Ocean Energy

    It fills the need for a comprehensive book that covers modern shipboard propulsion and the power electronics and ocean energy technologies that drive it. With a breadth and depth not found in other books, it examines the power electronics systems for ship propulsion and for extracting ocean energy, which are mirror images of each other.