Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines, 10th Edition

Expected release date: 20 November 2020, available for pre-order.

ISBN 9780081027486

Published November 2020

Author: Malcolm Latarche


It gives engineering cadets, marine engineers, ship operators and managers insights into currently available engines and auxiliary equipment and trends for the future. This new edition introduces new engine models that will be most commonly installed in ships over the next decade, as well as the latest legislation and pollutant emissions procedures. Since publication of the last edition in 2009, a number of emission control areas (ECAs) have been established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in which exhaust emissions are subject to even more stringent controls. In addition, there are now rules that affect new ships and their emission of CO2 measured as a product of cargo carried.

Key Features

  • Provides the latest emission control technologies, such as SCR and water scrubbers
  • Contains complete updates of legislation and pollutant emission procedures
  • Includes the latest emission control technologies and expands upon remote monitoring and control of engines


Table of Contents

  1. International Regulation affecting Marine Engines
    2. Theory and General Principles
    3. Dual-Fuel and Gas Engines
    4. Exhaust Emissions and Control
    5. Fuels and Lubes: Chemistry and Treatment
    6. Performance
    7. Engine and Plant Selection
    8. Turbocharging
    9. Fuel Injection
    10. Waste Heat Recovery
    11. Low-Speed Engines - Introduction
    12. MAN B and W Low-Speed Engines
    13. Japanese Diesel (Mitsubishi) Low-Speed Engines
    14. Winterthur Gas and Diesel Engines
    15. Wärtsilä (Sulzer) Low-Speed Engines
    16. Other Low-Speed Engines
    17. Medium-Speed Engines - Introduction
    18. ABC Engines
    19. Caterpillar
    20. Deutz
    21. Doosan
    22. Himsen
    23. MaK
    24. MAN Diesel
    25. Rolls-Royce
    26. Wärtsila
    27. Yanmar
    28. Other Medium-Speed Engines
    29. Low-Speed Four-Stroke Trunk Piston Engines
    30. High-Speed Engines
    31. Gas Turbines
    32. Engine room Safety Matters and Regulation
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