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    OCIMF - Guide to Manufacturing and Purchasing Hoses for Offshore Moorings (GMPHOM 2009) - Including Considerations Relating to Hose System Design

    This guide provides technical recommendations and guidance to help ensure the satisfactory performance?of hoses commonly used at offshore moorings.

    OCIMF - Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers

    This publication provides guidance on the specification, purchasing and testing of SPM hawsers. Rope design particulars and documents such as the Offer of Hawser Form and the OCIMF Compliance Certificate are included, ensuring rope manufacturers, purchasers and inspectors are fully informed.

    OCIMF - Competence Assurance Guidelines for Mooring, Loading and Lightering Masters

    This OCIMF publication contains recommendations to support a marine facility’s competence development programmes for Mooring Masters. There is no established requirement for this group of maritime professionals and the objective of these Guidelines is to provide a competence baseline that can be applied internationally.

    OCIMF - Single Point Mooring Maintenance and Operations Guide, 3rd Edition (SMOG)

    An industry guide with technical recommendations and guidance for the operation and maintenance of single point moorings (SPM).

    OCIMF - Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG4)

    Mooring a ship to a berth is a common function for the maritime industry, however incidents that harm ship and terminal personnel still occur. This publication establishes recommended minimum requirements that will help ship designers, terminal designers, ship operators and mooring line manufacturers improve the design, performance and safety of mooring systems.

    Effective Mooring - 4th Edition

    Mooring is one of the most complex and dangerous operations for ship and terminal crew. If something goes wrong, the consequences can be severe.